Take Your Accountant For A Drink!

Accountants are often derided as passive, backroom types who wouldn’t say ‘boo’ to a goose (well, geese can be very aggressive) but it was the accountant who effectively put Al Capone behind bars (for tax fraud) so perhaps they’re worth listening to.

By the nature of their work, accountants gain deep insights into the business and understand the numbers better than anyone else. They can see ways to improve the business that others don’t see, unhindered by blue-sky optimism, impracticality and crackpot fads.

The data in financial statements which supports their ideas is prepared rigorously, far more so than any other data in the business, enabling accountants to tell it like it is. The trick is to get their ideas and insights out of them.

Accountants allegedly often have poor communications and interpersonal skills so their valuable ideas can remain hidden. (But not always. There are accountants with polished skills in these areas).

But if you treat accountants with respect and, if necessary, coax their ideas out of them, it could be well worth your while. In my experience they often respond positively to an after-work drink (who doesn’t?) when their tongues loosen. Then you find out what they really can contribute and they enjoy the attention.

They’re not always right but accountants do provide another perspective and, surely, it’s worth the price of a drink to find out!

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