FS5. Behind the Numbers – The rules and five fundamental concepts

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Five, fundamental accounting concepts and numerous, legally binding rules determine the numbers in your Financial Statements. Understanding those concepts and knowing how your business interprets the rules gives you a much better understanding of your Income Statement (Profit & Loss Account), Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement and helps you make better decisions.

Using clear, colourful diagrams and by translating jargon into plain English, this course gives you a clearer understanding of the numbers in your Financial Statements by explaining:

  • The five, fundamental accounting concepts underpinning the numbers in the Financial Statements
  • The legally binding accounting rules and who decides them
  • Where to find out how your business applies the rules that finally determine the numbers in your Financial Statements
  • How transactions are recorded and how all the ledgers fit together
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This approximately one-hour course, which includes several quizzes, explains the important accounting concepts, rules and records in plain English. You can make notes on the accompanying booklet and there’s a Glossary of Terms for easy reference afterwards. You get a certificate when you’ve completed the course. You should be familiar with Income Statements/Profit & Loss Accounts (course FS1), Balance Sheets (course FS2) and Cash Flow Statements (course FS3) before taking this course.

Learning outcomes:

  • Being able to make better, surer business decisions based on a better understanding of the numbers
  • Having the confidence that a deeper understanding of your Financial Statements brings
  • Being able to hold your own in discussions with accountants and ask the searching questions
  • Appreciating why the numbers aren’t always what you may have thought they were
  • Understanding the limitations of numbers in the Financial Statements
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