FS2. Balance Sheets Explained – Reading them to manage capital and improve financial returns

Self-paced, whenever and wherever you like

To maximise financial returns, business managers, business proprietors and company directors must appreciate the effect their decisions have on the assets and liabilities and debt and equity capital shown in the Balance Sheet. Bad management affects those returns.

Using clear, colourful diagrams and by translating jargon into plain English, this course explains how to read and use Balance Sheets, including:

  • What a Balance Sheet is, very simply
  • Liquidity – what it is and its importance
  • Managing the assets and liabilities used in everyday business operations
  • Other assets and liabilities and why not all assets are in the balance sheet
  • Types of debt and the security that banks typically require
  • Components of shareholders’ equity
  • A common myth about Balance Sheets dispelled
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This approximately two-hour course, which includes several quizzes, explains how to read, interpret and manage Balance Sheets in plain English. You can make notes on the accompanying booklet and there’s a Glossary of Terms for easy reference afterwards. You also get a certificate when you’ve completed the course. No prior knowledge is necessary but everyone except experts will learn from the course.

Learning outcomes:

  • Being able to read and interpret Balance Sheets
  • Being confident in participating in discussions about Balance Sheets and in asking searching questions of accountants and understanding their answers
  • Understanding the impact of business decisions on the Balance Sheet
  • Knowing how to improve financial returns through better capital management
  • Being able to hold others to account for their decisions and use of capital
  • Being confident in participating in discussions about your Balance Sheet and in asking searching questions of the accountants and understanding their answers
  • Being able to make better financial and business decisions
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